We are that devoted friend,

a great listener and an

excellent problem solver.



We are Gracejan Design. We like design, branding, chai tea lattes, and people that show up with big ideas.

We are passionate about your idea and are always ready to lend helpful insight and expertise. It is our mission to make your idea tangible and ready to be shared with the world.

Every business needs a sparkling personality and every office should have a dog.



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what makes us so special?

Why work with Gracejan Design? Because work should be fun, friendly, and free of chaos and confusion. We are an extension of your team, the person cheering you on, and we totally have your back. It’s about listening, understanding, strategizing and implementing something bold, impactful and effective without losing sight of what matters most.

design is about enabling ideas, processes and products; making them approachable, usable and memorable. – jay dutta

Photo Courtesy of Deanna Nilson Photography

Meet the Founder

Chai tea lattes, quotes, painting, beautiful sunny hot days and her two boys are some of my great loves. I have a bit of an obsession with being organized; daily phone reminders, calendar events, online grocery lists, all connecting to the Traci cloud. This I believe, keeps things streamlined and running smoothly in an busy entrepreneurs life.

I live to unfold the story, to complete the puzzle and make what seems a jumbled mess, become orderly and streamlined. I have run 3 businesses in my life, and each bringing success, education and learned lessons, creating expertise in the do's and don'ts of running a successful company.

As the founder and creative director of Gracejan Design, I unite over 20 years experience with my passion for design and helping people in their business adventures. 

Contributor Writer for WOMEN OF ILLUSTRATION​
Photo Courtesy of Traci Rehill - aka. Office Mom

Comfort Keeper

Meet Cyra, Italian Mastiff. Spends most days, sleeping by Traci's desk, especially on rainy days. Sunny days are spent basking in the sun on the deck.
She is our greeter, mail opener and comfort keeper. Cyra keeps the environment stress free and requires the occasional walk to keep things productive in the office.

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