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Brands are like precious gems.

We won’t take risks with yours.


Adventures are fun, but not if they are not precisely planned and organized. We pack all the important parts into your brand, from discovering your key customers, to precise positioning, we make sure your brand speaks effectively. That’s why we make sure a  streamlined plan is tailored especially for your brands digital and physical presence. 

"Branding: the art of differentiation."

- David Brier



If we find after our initial consultation, that we are a perfect fit, we will move onto our next exciting adventure. This is an important phase, where we get to know more about you and your business adventure. Through an interactive meeting, we will gain clarity on who you serve, how you solve their problems, and what makes your brand unique among all others.



Now this is where the fun begins; well we like to think so. We take all that great information from our discovery about you and your adventure, and bring it all together. We create an itinerary of your business adventure. This itinerary will include, your positioning, value proposition, direction on the look + feel and tone + voice of your brand, plus a to-do list and adventure itinerary. This will be the guide for your brand moving forward.



Now we really get to the nitty gritty heart of your unique brand. This is when you see your brands personality come to life. The creation of the deliverables takes place in this phase, where the inspiration was gathered from the discovery and ideation. Now, your big adventurous idea, just became tangible and sparkling with personality.



Your online presence matters. Now more than ever, with elevated mobile usage and social media, brands need to have a clear vision of their brand personality, their target audience and need to make smart design and marketing strategies that aline.  Social media and tech guru Gary Vaynerchuck, says it best, “Our phones are very much the first screen now. The tv has become the second.”  Your brand will need an occasional freshen-up, with a review and testing every 6 – 12 months. This will ensure your brands voice stays current.


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