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Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

Can social media really give my business the kickstart it needs?


Author: Traci Rehill

“Oh, you have your own business? That’s awesome! Do you have a Facebook or Instagram page?”

This is how most people respond when they learn you have a new startup. No matter the location, businesses and social media, go hand in hand and offer many marketing benefits. Businesses rely much more on social media than newspaper advertisements and television commercials. Our phones are at our fingertips and we look at them 24/7, and for most, scrolling through social posts is a favourite pastime.

Social media primarily was a cheap way to connect with family and friends who lived in different parts of the world. Long distance calls were costly and mailing letters took too long. Facebook cira 2004, became a great tool to stay in touch with loved ones every day, without spending a dime. Fast forward to the present, not only can we connect socially with loved ones, we can create a Facebook page tailored for our new business venture.  

Social media is not just a spoke on the wheel of marketing. It’s becoming the way entire bicycles are built. ~ Ryan Lilly

Get cozy with your customers.

Used both personally and professionally, social media has made it simple for your customers to connect with you. Let customers know who’s behind the business; they want to know who’s at the office, what’s your favourite kind of coffee and what are the latest projects or products. Your business becomes relatable to your customers and this builds trust. For a lasting customer-business relationship, trust is key and in turn, customer loyalty creates return investments for your company.

Hashtags?! What are they and why do I need to use them?

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of hashtags and if you haven’t, you need to get familiar with them. Hashtags are keywords to reach your target audience. But be careful to not use generic keywords, like #happy or #marketing; narrow your hashtag topic and tailor the keywords for your business. For example for this article, I would use #socialmediatips, #facebooktips or #instagramtips. Don’t forget to checkout your competitors and research their post hashtags and keywords. Remember, hashtags are necessary for potential customers to find you, so make sure to niche down keywords to catch their attention.

Optimizing niched keywords, is an excellent use of SEO for your website. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, will create optimal searches on Google. Listing a website link and adding links to products or article posts, will create traffic to your website. I cover more on SEO in upcoming articles. 

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Free advertising for your business

Establishing a business presence on social media is free advertising. You need to take advantage of this! Creating meaningful content relating to your brand using text and images seen by billions of people all over the world. Using hashtags, keywords and creating posts about your products and services, will establish your brand’s presence. As an added bonus, minimal cost business ads, identifying a brands target audience will create more specific engagement. There is no way that you could possibly reach millions of people all over the world with paper flyers!

Final thoughts on social media benefits

Social media has changed the way we market our businesses. Ads created right from our phones, are posted in minutes. So it is important to know your target audience and use those hashtags and keywords to create a unique brand presence. Keep an eye on your competitors and watch their engagement with their customers, this will help you step up your game to keep creating new content. The digital age offers free sources to promote a business, if your not using these tools, you are really losing out on reaching new customers.

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